Online Banking

A Challenge To Raise The Bar For

78% of the time that customers spend on offline banking services is wasted.

As a customer, why would I choose to drive somewhere and wait in line to do my banking? Actually, I wouldn’t! If I could easily complete my banking transactions through online banking, I would choose online banking every time. My time is too valuable to waste, and online banking can be done from the comfort of my home or while I am on the go. In theory. Practically, it isn’t quite that easy. Every time I want to view my payment history, I can’t find it easily. Navigating through the 24 sections of my account dashboard is frustrating, confusing, and frankly, feels like a waste of my time.

1. You need to listen to customers Listen carefully to your users’ complaints, concerns, and needs. Respond to their concerns to find the fastest, easiest way to reduce friction while increasing satisfaction. Maybe it sounds scary, but try to step back from your inner narcissism and assumptions. You will be surprised by what your customers really think about your service.
2. Do not be afraid to break the status quo Review your industry standards to find an opportunity window, even if it is only about simpler and smarter service design.
3. Become customer-centric Switch your business strategy from product-centric to customer-centric. Deliver service to meet your customers’ needs in a way they understand, instead of hard-pushing old stuff using expensive ad campaigns.
4. Upgrade your digital strategy Discover which channels your customers prefer and use those to make your service more affordable and appealing.
5. Make your customers’ experience fascinating Delight with your service interface, make it simple and cutting-edge because in the age of a million apps and online services users have become spoiled and lazy.